Country Music Cruise 2019

Jimmy will be a guest on the 2019 Time/Life Country Music Cruise from January 27th through February 3rd. Leaving from Ft. Lauderdale the ports include Key West, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay. Other artis performing are Jeff Foxworthy, The Oak Ridge Boys, Patty Loveless, Ronnie Milsap, Ricky Skaggs, Joe Diffie and many more.

Call 866-476-2879 and speak to one of the helpful reservationists during our hours of operation (M-F 9:00 am – 7:00 pm EST and Sat. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm EST)

* Remember to tell them Jimmy Fortune sent you or enter promo code JIMMYFAN

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  1. Alicia Williams says:

    HI Nina,

    I found out from Jeanie that Jimmy will be on stage at 8:30. If that changes, please let me know. Thank you.


    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m not sure which show you are referring to since this was made on the Country Music Cruise thread.

  2. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina, Would you please be able to tell me what time does Jimmy sing when at the Dominion Park? That location is only 1 hr. from our daughter’s place – want very much to attend that show. It would be very helpful for our planning – Thank you Nina 🙂

  3. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for your reply – hope to be at one for sure as we will be in Greensboro, NC visiting daughters and grandchildren – not too far from those concerts XO <3

  4. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina,

    Will the concerts in Va – Hub 757 and Dominion Park both be gospel concerts? I believe it is listed as God and Country Tour. Does Jimmy always greet his fans after concerts?

    Hope you are both well.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      They will be a mix of country and gospel. God and Country is the title to Jimmy’s newest CD. Yes, he always signs autographs after the shows. Hope to see you at one or both!!

  5. Alicia says:

    Hi Nina,

    At the Sugarcreek concert will Jimmy be greeting fans after the concert?


  6. Alicia says:

    Hi Nina,

    Just me again – Hope all is well with you and Jimmy – Looking forward to our next concert of hearing his nice voice. Am not trying to bug you, but please tell me if you have a favorite candy – I would like to make you the item, too, and I need to work on the items soon. Thank you Nina. <3

  7. Raymond Edward Gibson says:

    Nina, will you and Jimmy be on the Gaither Cruise in July?

  8. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks so much for the song info – They will all be very nice to hear. and thanks for telling me peppermint patty – that wasn’t very nice of me to not ask you, too – What is your favorite kind of candy? These items I have made have been well received, and I like making them. Please tell me your favorite kind. I would love to make one for each of you.

    We ate at Vito’s in Lovingston last Sunday – May 12 – Oh actually on Mother’s Day. Very good food and service – our waitress was Jodie – we will eat there again, and next time I want to have pizza!! It smelled so delish, and I saw someone eating a thin-crust pizza – that’s my fav, cuz so easy for me to chew.

    Take care – hope to see you this summer – I will start working on the item for Jimmy, and as soon as you reply about your answer, I will work on that for you. 🙂 <3

  9. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina,

    Wud you please tell me what kind of songs Jimmy will sing at the Sugarcreek Theater on August 10?

    Thank, Nina <3

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I don’t know this far in advance what his set list will be in August but he will do the songs he wrote for the Statler Brothers, maybe some from the Classics CD, some hymns and some from the new God & Country CD.

  10. Alicia Williams says:

    Hi Nina,

    I kept checking on the Ohio Star Theater site and now see Jimmy listed for the August 10 concert. Hope it is a wonderful time for all. Am glad he has the new CD available – God and Country.

    Have a great week – Am looking forward to seeing you both again. Does Jimmy eat candy? If so, what is his favorite candy? I have a cute thing I would like to make for him, and I think you would get a little chuckle seeing it – I have made quite a few.

    He does a great job with the song, “Far Side Banks of Jordan” – I have played that so many times and enjoy it very much -also singing with Bill Gaither, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.” I have seen the Gaithers a few times in NC, and once we saw Mark Lowry on Broadway – what a hoot!! Also Anthony Burger and Ivan Parker in NC at a church quite a few years ago – Very enjoyable.

    Hope to see you this summer – Alicia XO

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Glad you’re coming to the show!! Jimmy doesn’t eat a lot of candy now but he loves a peppermint patty.

  11. Alicia Williams says:

    oh thank you Nina for checking – want to make plans if possible

    Our plans for June 9 are now changed due to change in date for our family reunion – So…………… trying to make plans for the August concert – my birthday is August 10!! What a nice gift that would be to hear Jimmy’s nice voice that day – We have relatives we can visit in Ohio near Cleveland and south of Columbus, so we can plan for a real enjoyable time.

    You two have a very nice day, week, month and YEAR!!!! XO <3

  12. Alicia Williams says:

    HI again – was wondering why Jimmy’s tour date for the Ohio Star Theater – August 10 is not listed on the Ohio Star Theater Lineup. Is he still scheduled for that date at that location – August 10, 2019??

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m not sure, there is a contract. I will call the agency to find out why it’s not on their website yet.

  13. Alicia Williams says:

    HI Nina,

    Sorry about the duplicate note up above – oh well – I am happy to see that there is another tour date that we might be able to attend that is sooner than the Lebanon December date. We would like to try to attend the show in Taunton, MA – on June 9. Am looking forward to that – I hope all works out for us to make the trip. We could also see some sites near Boston, too – have never been there.

    Take care – Hope you and Jimmy are both well.

    Luv, Alicia Williams

  14. Alicia Williams says:

    Maybe you would like to try a new eating experience at Blue Mountain Winery in Afton, and say hi to Layton – He would be glad to see you. We like to try new eateries, so maybe we will eat at Vido’s on our next trip to NC – Take care – Thanks for reply.

    Love and Best Wishes – Alicia <3

  15. Alicia Williams says:

    HI Nina and Jimmy,

    I hope you are both doing well.

    Your 2 shows in VA on Friday and Saturday must have been great – especially the one in Lovingston! Am glad that fans there were able to enjoy such nice music. We were in Greensboro, NC – only about 1 1/2 hrs. away from the Rocky Mount performance – Had every intention of attending, but became ill with bronchitis – very disappointed to miss the concert, but glad that others could enjoy. We signed up on the list for December 2019 in Lebanon again the same night we were at the concert in Dec. 2018. – I think we were the 1st ones on the list. Very hopeful to attend that concert if there are none closer to our home or earlier than that.

    Have a question to “jog your memory.” We met someone who said Jimmy frequented an Italian Restaurant in Lovingston – Vido’s. Do you remember a young man named Layton? He said he worked there when Jimmy came in – not sure if he was a waiter or a manager – He said he was a manager of a restaurant in Lynchburg – Corner of Rivermont Restaurant. Do you remember him? We met him when we ate at the Blue Mountain Winery in Afton, Va on our way home Sunday. Very nice young man and excellent waiter. I told him that I had missed your concert and he said, Oh, yes, Jimmy Fortune – he used to come in to Vitos when I worked there. I am a curious person, so just wanted to know if you remember him. I so hope to be at another concert soon, but we are planning again for the December one if not able to be at one sooner. Take care and thank you for still touring.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Yes! Jimmy eats there often with family and friends when he’s in the area.

      • Alicia says:

        If you haven’t eaten at the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, maybe you would like to have a new eating experience there and see if Layton is there to say hi. We like to eat at new places for us, so we might also like to eat at Vido’s! Take care and thanks for reply

        • Nina Fortune says:

          We’ll have to try it sometime. Vido’s is convenient because his daughter lives south of there and his son lives a little north.

  16. John Green says:

    Jimmy: Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and listening to your music. This cruise exceeded all expectations for me. My wife and I bought tickets 7 months ago to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary which was January 24. She was fighting Breast Cancer but we wanted to have something to look forward to. Unfortunately, she passed away on January 2. My children encouraged me to go on with the other couple that we invited. I’m so glad I did. The music was therapy and I met a lot of wonderful people. I hope to see you again on future cruises. God bless you.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I know it must be hard losing her. I’m glad you came anyway and that your kids encouraged you to do so. It was a great cruise and I hope to see you again somewhere along the way.

  17. Trish McLean says:

    The CMC 2019 was so awesome!!! It was so wonderful meeting, talking to & seeing several of Jimmy’s live sets during the week. Also enjoyed the gospel seminar with Deborah & the Bellamys …& the Access Q & A with Jason & Barry Switzer too. Just an all around great week. Have to say his rendition of MMM’s Wildfire is my new fav. Could listen to over & over. Got the Classics CD so I can do that too. Again, have always been a JF fan & so grateful got to finally meet & hear live. Besides too he is just a really sweet & personable person & as a fan that means alot. trish (Baton Rouge)

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you so much! It WAS a great cruise and although it was a lot on the schedule we had a blast doing it.

  18. Jackie Flowers says:

    Hope to meet you on the cruise in January

  19. Brenda Anderson says:

    Saw In concert for first time last night, Jimmy, met Nina, never heard a better concert! The energy, personality, interacting with the audience, plus that beautiful voice was Awesome! I had written on a site, my three requests, Elizabet, ( mom’s name, I Believe, my favorite and had sung at her funeral, and On the Other side of Jordan! He sung all 3 last! And he signed our tickets!

  20. Darlene Campbell says:

    Hi Jimmy and Nina. Sorry you won’t be at WV fair. Will miss you. Have seen you every time. By the way–you are the center of my WALL OF FAME. Congrats on Va HALL OF FAME. You deserve it. Hope to see you soon. Love to family. Darlene

  21. Adriana says:

    thanks 4 the hardwork

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