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  1. MARGIE HOWARD says:

    I am new to this site so I have a silly question. I am the processing of buying our tickets and I would like to know “What does your tickets will be reserved for you at WILL CALL the day of concert” mean? Thank you for info.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Each venue is different and has different ticketing policy. Please contact the venue you are in question about. Normally will call means your tickets will be available to you the day of show at the venue.

  2. MARGIE HOWARD says:

    Will Jimmy be singing all 3 days May 6th at Lincolnton, Ga.?

  3. Arlene Mast says:

    How can I get tickets for the May 29th concert in Ocoee FL. Also will it be a Brotherly Love concert or a Jimmy Fortune concert? Thank you so much

  4. Ed Garrett says:

    Please tell Jimmy that Ed Garrett from Brevard says hello and great singing!

  5. Allison Thornton says:

    Where will Jimmy be singing when he is in Branson Missouri

    • Nina Fortune says:

      All the dates and venues are listed in the Tour Schedule tab. In Branson he is at The Mansion Theatre.

  6. Randy Gilbert says:

    Are there any future dates for the Brotherly Love Project? I would love to see them all together.

  7. Llewanne Collister says:

    Had the privilege of seeing the Brotherly Love show on Saturday April 10th. It is by far the best show ever. Jimmy, Mike, Ben and Bradley are the most awesome singers/musicians. It’s a must see for sure. You will not be disappointed!!

  8. Treva risner says:

    Hi, will Jimmys shows that are scheduled in Branson include the Brotherly Love quartet?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      No, everyone in the group has their own work schedule so there will be just a few of those shows. They will be clearly listed as such.

  9. Barbara Hamilton says:

    Would love to see y’all in Albertville, Al.

  10. Joe Augusta says:

    I just got turned on to your music. Fell in love with the great harmony. Bought a cd too!! Any chance that they will be touring in the northeast at all. Like New Hampshire?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to tour much in the past year. I think the closest show will be in eastern PA.

  11. Gary L Belk says:

    What happened to the scheduled Gastonia, NC performance on 20 May?

  12. Jeffery Burke says:

    How do we get tickets for the April 20 myrtle beach consert website won’t let us

  13. Jeffery Burke says:

    Hoppy birthday Nina from Debbie and Jeff the candy people we will see you Friday night at the brotherly love consert

  14. Bob says:

    My wife has been looking for the music/soundtrack to Blessed be. Do you have it available.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m not sure I know that song. I know it’s something we don’t have the tracks to because Jimmy’s not recorded it.

    • rich jones says:

      that is a statler brothers song
      that song was on the Radio Gospel favorites CD

  15. Sherry Barnett says:

    When are you coming back to Texas. We love you

  16. Carolyn Cross says:

    I love when you sing Wildfire. I play it daily. If you weren’t married; I would be introducing myself. Love you Jimmy

  17. Gay Seiber says:

    Hope to see you in Texas soon!!

  18. Ron Grainger says:

    Will Jimmy be doing the Brotherly Love Tour anywhere in the Ohio area?

  19. Don Fleet says:

    Where will y’all b in Branson this fall so I can buy tickets.

  20. james jackson says:

    Certainly have missed you Jimmy. We drive up from Harrison, Arkansas every time you are in Branson. Keep singing and writing songs for God and this old world. There are not many like you left .

  21. Brad says:

    When are you doing the show in Princeton, WV. It’s at The Chuck Mathena Center. It was postponed 2 times last year. June & September.

  22. naomi harwood says:

    Just wondering if Brotherly Love has a website and schedule dates
    I love their music!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      No. There isn’t a website. Because of everyone’s schedule we don’t anticipate a lot of shows. There are two listed now for April 9th and 10th on the tour schedule.

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