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  1. Pattie says:

    When will Jimmy be playing in the Bristol, VA area
    Anytime in the near future??


  2. Bonnye Dean says:

    Nina, when will Jimmy be in Texas in 2022?

  3. Joy Collins says:

    We were at the show in Branson last night Nov 11 2021 Veterans Day. Great show. It was the best. Have been waiting for awhile to see him in person. He might remember me shouting We love you!!! Was happy he heard me and made a joke back. He also said there would be something extra in my envelope. Haha. Will he be in Branson again if so when. Or even closer to my home. Just south of Waco Tx. I have just about worn my CD out and I did not get to wait for him to sign my autograph. God really did give him the voice of an angel

  4. Llewanne Salo Collister says:

    Nina. Does bookings for Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs also go thru Ovation?
    I have a potential opportunity for this marvelous group.
    Thank you. See you in April if not before. Take care and be safe.

  5. Jim & Kally Reynolds says:

    I saw Jimmy recently post an answer to someone that he was going to be in Wickenburg, AZ in January or February, but can’t find any confirmation of that any place. Haven’t seen you all, Nina, since his Gold Canyon Historic Mining Camp Restaurant days. Hope all is well.

  6. Judi Williams says:

    We saw Jimmy last night in Gainsboro, TN, and would love to see him again. Will he possibly be in Renfro Valley anytime soon? My 11 year old daughter is a huge fan!

  7. Jeff the candy man says:

    Hope Jimmy will sing Arlington at the 3 shows in Pennsylvania Thanksgiving weekend Debbie and I will be at all 3

  8. william junior turnbow says:

    do you guys have any dates for branson in 2022 yet

  9. Barbara Pendleton says:

    What plans for Jimmy in 2022 for Ohio. Maybe Sugarcreek again thanks

  10. Paul says:

    I don’t know if there are any Brotherly Love dates posted but would it be possible to indicate on the event if it is a Brotherly Love show? I try to get to any Jimmy Fortune show but make extra effort to see the group together.


    • Nina Fortune says:

      The name of the group is Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs so they will be listed as that. We are working on some dates for Easter weekend 2022 so keep your eyes open for those. They will be listed on this website and Facebook.

      • Gail Adkins says:

        November 27 in York, Pa. is the 4 right? When will tickets actually go on sale. Trying to plan a trip to see them with friends and I want to surprise them. Need to do my budget. Hotel, tickets, etc. thank you

        • Nina Fortune says:

          The best thing to do is to call the number listed for tickets. They’ll have more information than we can give you. Our side is saying 6:30 for dinner and 8 for show. The number is 717-434-0678. There is also a show in Lebanon the next day. Dinner at 3 and show at 4:30. The number is the same for that show.

  11. Debbie Brown says:

    Loved seeing you and Jimmy in Lancaster. Thanks for your help with Scott. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  12. Marc Aldrich says:

    Hi, I was wanting to give a very dear friend and avid fan of Jimmy a Christmas present this year, future tickets to see him here in PA. I was wondering if Jimmy will be coming to PA after July in 2021? That way I could validate the gift this year.
    Thank you,
    Marc Aldrich

  13. Gary Revercomb says:

    Just wanted to say hi to Jimmy and his family!
    I seen him at a Sheet station in Ralph and Virginia.
    I use to play drums and sing with his brother Tony!
    Prayers for him and just wanted to know how he was doing
    Thanks for all you do!
    Revercomb from Staunton Va

  14. David Glenn Worley says:

    Any chance y’all will be in Texas? Any Brotherly Love concerts planned? My Dad is 77 and I would love to come see y’all with him…would even travel to do so. DW

  15. William says:

    Will jimmy be signing autographs in Branson in September

  16. Mike Lawrence says:

    Would it be possible to have Jimmy do a show in Frostproof, Florida either before or after the Cruise in Ft. Lauderdale? We have a nonprofit Opry that does monthly shows to raise scholarship funds for the student body here. I’m certain it would be a great venue.

    Mike Lawrence
    MidFlorida Opry

  17. Charmain says:

    When will Jimmy Fortune going to be close to Louisville KY?

  18. Tara Bird says:

    Hey Nina! Is the cruise for Nov still on??

  19. Ron Speed says:

    Hi there! I am really excited to have purchased the last two front row seats for the November 11 show in Branson. Truly looking forward to being there. Thank you very much!

  20. Dennis Delfosse says:

    Hello Nina and Jimmy! We would love it if Jimmy and Team could come to Orange County in Southern California some day. Thanks for the many blessings!

    • Donna Herrema says:

      I live in California’s central valley and we would love to have Jimmy come here also. There is a church in Modesto that schedules Gospel singers and does the advertising. I would drive the 650 miles to hear Jimmy in Orange county.

  21. Dallas Hetletved says:

    Are the quartet shows with Dailey & Vincent pretty much a thing of the past? Really enjoyed them.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      They only did around 2 live shows a year together. One of the last shows before Covid was with them at the Strawberry Festival. This year Jimmy will be at their Landfest in Hiawassee GA in September and they will be together in Athens AL for the TN Fiddlers Convention.

  22. Calvin & Cookie Filbrun says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Princeton, WV. Seen you at the Manning Camp Restaurant in AZ. 3 years in a row. Love your shows. We are visiting family out east and seen you were here and had to come see you.

  23. John Fewins says:

    Nina we missed seeing you at independence county fair in batesville ar. You are so nice and pleasant to be around. God bless you and Jimmy

  24. Brenda says:

    July 4 tickets at Bisset Park, are there seats there and handicap access? Are tickets available now for purchade

  25. Susan Austin says:

    I am wondering if Jimmy or the Brotherly Love team would ever consider coming to Casper, Wyoming. I would love to see all of them in concert.

  26. Peggy Powell says:

    Mike and I plan to attend the Aug 15 Brotherly Love show at Rockingham County Fair if my health allows. I also signed up for the January cruise and so looking forward to that. I hope everyone is well. Hope to see Jimmy add more dates in Va.

  27. Llewanne Salo Collister says:

    Nina. I’m already signed up for the cruise. Can’t wait. Not sure if Jimmy has his line up on songs yet that he will be doing but if I could request two of them. Victory in Jesus and Meet me in Arlington. I just love those two and he does them so beautifully.
    Give my best to Bradley, Ben and Michael. Stay safe and will see you in January.
    Hope he liked the shirt, cup and hat. 💕

    • Nina Fortune says:

      So glad you are going to be one the cruise. Jimmy will get to do three separate shows and each is different so I’m sure he’ll have time to both of these.

      • Llewanne Salo Collister says:

        Thank you so much. Take care and I’ll see you in January if not before. Perhaps I will come down to see Gayle yet this year.

  28. Vonnie Stewart says:

    When will Jimmy be coming to anyplace in Indiana or Kentucky in 2021? I do not see anything on the tour schedule. Thank you. Love him and his music-have only got to see him twice-Scottsburg, Indiana and Renfro Valley, Kentucky!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Not sure. If you go to either one of those venue’s websites they don’t have any live shows listed. This pandemic has done a number on touring musicians and some venues.

  29. MARGIE HOWARD says:

    I am new to this site so I have a silly question. I am the processing of buying our tickets and I would like to know “What does your tickets will be reserved for you at WILL CALL the day of concert” mean? Thank you for info.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Each venue is different and has different ticketing policy. Please contact the venue you are in question about. Normally will call means your tickets will be available to you the day of show at the venue.

  30. MARGIE HOWARD says:

    Will Jimmy be singing all 3 days May 6th at Lincolnton, Ga.?

  31. Arlene Mast says:

    How can I get tickets for the May 29th concert in Ocoee FL. Also will it be a Brotherly Love concert or a Jimmy Fortune concert? Thank you so much

  32. Ed Garrett says:

    Please tell Jimmy that Ed Garrett from Brevard says hello and great singing!

  33. Allison Thornton says:

    Where will Jimmy be singing when he is in Branson Missouri

    • Nina Fortune says:

      All the dates and venues are listed in the Tour Schedule tab. In Branson he is at The Mansion Theatre.

  34. Randy Gilbert says:

    Are there any future dates for the Brotherly Love Project? I would love to see them all together.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Ocoee, FL on 5-29-21
      Harrisonburg, VA 8-15-21

      • Robert Coleman says:

        How can we get tickets for Harrisonburg, thank you

        • Nina Fortune says:

          When the contracts are done a website will have tickets. We’re not that far yet.

          • Janice Jones says:

            We drove from South Mississippi to Columbia, TN for the April 9 concert… my husband and I and two daughters. My husband had a stroke several years ago and hasn’t done much since. He wanted to go to this concert after having watched Brotherly Love in some YouTube videos. It was a God thing that it all came together for us as it did, and on his birthday! We all enjoyed the evening very much! Please let everybody involved know what a blessing they are.

          • Nina Fortune says:

            I’m so glad it worked out for you all to come to the show! Thank you!

      • MARGIE HOWARD says:

        Hi, is info available for Ocoee, Fl. on 5-29-21 yet? So excited and I want to go hear that beautiful voice!!

      • Michael J says:

        will tickets go on sale first here for H’burg? Would really love to be there and don’t want to miss a chance to get tickets!

  35. Llewanne Collister says:

    Had the privilege of seeing the Brotherly Love show on Saturday April 10th. It is by far the best show ever. Jimmy, Mike, Ben and Bradley are the most awesome singers/musicians. It’s a must see for sure. You will not be disappointed!!

  36. Treva risner says:

    Hi, will Jimmys shows that are scheduled in Branson include the Brotherly Love quartet?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      No, everyone in the group has their own work schedule so there will be just a few of those shows. They will be clearly listed as such.

  37. Barbara Hamilton says:

    Would love to see y’all in Albertville, Al.

  38. Joe Augusta says:

    I just got turned on to your music. Fell in love with the great harmony. Bought a cd too!! Any chance that they will be touring in the northeast at all. Like New Hampshire?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to tour much in the past year. I think the closest show will be in eastern PA.

  39. Gary L Belk says:

    What happened to the scheduled Gastonia, NC performance on 20 May?

  40. Jeffery Burke says:

    How do we get tickets for the April 20 myrtle beach consert website won’t let us

  41. Jeffery Burke says:

    Hoppy birthday Nina from Debbie and Jeff the candy people we will see you Friday night at the brotherly love consert

  42. Bob says:

    My wife has been looking for the music/soundtrack to Blessed be. Do you have it available.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m not sure I know that song. I know it’s something we don’t have the tracks to because Jimmy’s not recorded it.

    • rich jones says:

      that is a statler brothers song
      that song was on the Radio Gospel favorites CD

  43. Sherry Barnett says:

    When are you coming back to Texas. We love you

  44. Carolyn Cross says:

    I love when you sing Wildfire. I play it daily. If you weren’t married; I would be introducing myself. Love you Jimmy

  45. Gay Seiber says:

    Hope to see you in Texas soon!!

  46. Ron Grainger says:

    Will Jimmy be doing the Brotherly Love Tour anywhere in the Ohio area?

  47. Don Fleet says:

    Where will y’all b in Branson this fall so I can buy tickets.

  48. james jackson says:

    Certainly have missed you Jimmy. We drive up from Harrison, Arkansas every time you are in Branson. Keep singing and writing songs for God and this old world. There are not many like you left .

  49. Brad says:

    When are you doing the show in Princeton, WV. It’s at The Chuck Mathena Center. It was postponed 2 times last year. June & September.

  50. naomi harwood says:

    Just wondering if Brotherly Love has a website and schedule dates
    I love their music!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      No. There isn’t a website. Because of everyone’s schedule we don’t anticipate a lot of shows. There are two listed now for April 9th and 10th on the tour schedule.

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