Jimmy’s YouTube Channel

Jimmy has a new YouTube channel! A video will go live every Thursday at 12pm EST. Please subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are available.

Official Jimmy Fortune YouTube Channel – YouTube

4 Comments to Jimmy’s YouTube Channel

  1. Johnny Primeaux says:

    I just subscribed! Just a big shout out… what an awesome show in Tomball, Tx at the Mainstreet Crossing Venue. Jimmy is a class act and a true representation of what music is and is supposed to be. The emotion, timing and phrasing is impeccable and his artistry/talent is a classroom expirience for the young and inspiring musician. Thanks for your heart and soul, dedication and wonderful spirit you put in your music. It’s true and magical and definately a part of Gods great band here on earth!!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you for coming to the show!! You should like Jimmy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to get updates.

  2. Cindy Black says:

    is there a cost to subscribe?

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