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Jimmy has a new YouTube channel! A video will go live every Thursday at 12pm EST. Please subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are available.

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  1. Catherine F Hogan says:

    Where can a schedule to the 2023 tour of Brothers of the Heart?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      There’s only a few for the rest of the year. They’re all listed under the tour tab on this website.

  2. Steve Chancey says:

    Hi Nina, I hope you are both doing well and that Jimmy is feeling better each and every day. I am an avid pickleball player and recently had an inspiration to write a song about the game and it is to the tune of “flowers on the wall”. It is just all in fun and wondering if he might like to hear it.

  3. Victoria A Miller says:

    Hi Jimmy! Hope your doing well and taking care of yourself 🙏🙏❤️

  4. Ed Crotts says:

    Hey, Nina! Delighted to hear Jimmy is continuing to heal after surgery; praying for his continued speedy recovery without complications.

    Unfortunately, I have only recently discovered Jimmy’s involvement with Brothers of the Heart. I am an older essentially lifelong musician myself (certainly not at Jimmy’s level) & was recently personally blessed watching/listening to several of the group’s videos on YT. Thank you to Jimmy & the guys for what they have been accomplishing!

    One of my all-time favorite inspirational songs is “His Hand in Mine” that has been recorded by several individuals/groups over the past decades, including Elvis. What an special treat it might be to many folks should the guys decide to one day put together their own arrangement of this very special song. Will be hopeful that this happens (grin).

    Blessings on you all!

    Ed & Susan Crotts
    Forest City, NC

  5. Tracy Wallace says:

    Is Jimmy ever going to record “The Great I Am”? I’ve tried and tried to find it since I heard it on The Dailey & Vincent Christmas Show. See if you can get him to squeeze it in for his show in
    Corsicana, TX on August 17th. Thanks so much.

  6. robert pass jr says:

    Hey Nina
    We will be traveling from Minnesota to our home in Florida .
    Then up to Charleston to see our Daughter. Hope to make the show on February 17 at Newberry SC.
    We would love and be Honered for a personal introduction.
    Thankyou. BOB AND LAURIE.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy signs autographs after each show.
      We just wrote a contract for Jimmy to perform in Albany MN. Not sure if that’s near where you live.

  7. Ji bradlyca says:

    As a gggrandmother I can only think how proud he would have made his mom today

  8. Ji bradly says:

    I’ve never been a “fan” person but just have to tell you how many hours of pleasure Jimmy’s music has given me. His kindness and sweetness as well as his humor is quite out of the ordinary with the fame he has earned. You are a beautiful lady and I’m so glad you found each other. I’m a mother, grandmother, g great grandmother and gg grandmother and Iust say if I were 30 years younger I would be after that boy. His music wakes me up and puts me to sleep. Please tell him how much joy he brings to this old lady and please do not quit! I live in tyler, tx and missed his show when you were here bcause I wasn’t aware you were here. Was so disappointed.

    Just wanted to let you know before I waited too lat

  9. Marianne Metzelaar says:

    Hi Nina from Marianne (on your 1st and 10th cruises; attend every show possible, most recently Seymour Indiana March this year). This was the only way I could find to let you and Jimmy know another example of what a powerful impact your music has – specifically in this case the song I LOVE YOU MORE. Through participating as a community member in a Residents Encounter Christ (REC) program at my local jail, I had only a few moments to speak to an inmate I’d never met and God led me to tell him about this song, specifically the phrase “Let Me love you until you love you again.” It had a profound impact on him!! He and I exchange letters now, and I sent him all the words to the song. He just wrote that “I keep the lyrics to that song above my head so that I read them when I go to sleep & wake up.” You are such a blessing to so many people!!

  10. Johnny Primeaux says:

    I just subscribed! Just a big shout out… what an awesome show in Tomball, Tx at the Mainstreet Crossing Venue. Jimmy is a class act and a true representation of what music is and is supposed to be. The emotion, timing and phrasing is impeccable and his artistry/talent is a classroom expirience for the young and inspiring musician. Thanks for your heart and soul, dedication and wonderful spirit you put in your music. It’s true and magical and definately a part of Gods great band here on earth!!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you for coming to the show!! You should like Jimmy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to get updates.

  11. Cindy Black says:

    is there a cost to subscribe?

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