2023 Country Music Cruise

Over 50 LIVE Country Music performances and 25 artist-led interactive events – only on The Country Music Cruise 2023! Hear your favorite artists perform live as we sail from Ft. Lauderdale on January 22nd and return January 29. It’s gonna be an experience you’ll never forget! Book your cabin today and use the promo code JIMMYFAN for insider savings! For more information go to https://countrymusiccruise.com/jimmyfan

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  1. Ron Tomon says:


    Thank you for telling me about the concert in Marietta. Jimmy put on a fabulous show. It was well worth my three-hour drive from New Castle in Western Pennsylvania to see Jimmy perform.

    I feel so honored because I got to meet Jimmy. As my daughter and I were walking to the theatre, we passed alongside the parked tour bus. As pure luck would have it, the bus door opens and out walks Jimmy Fortune!! I had to stop and turn around to tell him how much I enjoyed his music and what a privilege it was to be able to meet him. We spoke briefly. I was concerned about keeping him because I knew he was probably busy. But as I was walking away, it occurred to me that I just made a big mistake.

    I stopped and turned around. I hollered back to Jimmy and asked him if he would take a photograph with me. I was so happy and almost surprised when Jimmy answered, “Sure, no problem.” He actually started walking back to me. I don’t think very many other big stars would have done that. He patiently stood there as my daughter snapped as many pictures as she could take.

    Jimmy is such a kind and genuinely sincere person. This world needs many more people like Jimmy Fortune. God bless you and Jimmy.

  2. Gloria Bauman says:

    Will there be another country cruise with Jimmy Fortune in the near future

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy is scheduled to be in the Gaither cruise in November and the Country Music cruise in January.

      • George Santulli says:

        We drove up from Virginia yesterday to see Jimmy and the boys in Lancaster, PA at the American Theater. What a great show. I have known about Brothers for some time, but my wife is just getting to know them.

        The setlist was great but I missed Jimmy singing How Great Thou Art and You’re Only Lonely. He did say to let him know about songs.

        One song I think might be a good fit is a song made famous by Michael Nesmith years ago called “Joanne”. I think Jimmy could do a great job on it.

        I am so happy to hear that Jimmy’s recent surgery went well, he sure looked on top of his game!

        It was nice to see you at the Merch counter too! My sister is in New Jersey and discovered Brothers on UP and wished they would come to New Jersey sometime soon.

        Thanks again for a great concert experience, best one in years.

        George Santulli
        Lovettsville, VA

  3. Dana Russell says:

    I was an avid fan of the Statler Brothers for many years and have recently been watching Statler Brothers Gospel on You Tube – and was happy to see you on You Tube as well. You are an awesome singer and I am enjoying learning of your solo career. Do you do the cruise every year?

  4. Gary Smith says:

    I very much enjoyed you on the Country Music Cruise 2023! Just an encouraging word 😉

  5. Lawrence Maslowski says:

    Wondering if you will be in Branson during May 2023?

  6. elaine rogers says:

    we live in seattle and see your shows don’t seem to make it here. any chance in the future you could come out here. you are our favorite country singer and would love to see you in person. thank you.

  7. Douglas Lee Smith says:

    We don’t get many changes to travel to see country star’s
    So listening to records is the next best thing my wife who can’t
    Walk very good anymore. We had heart set on going to the music
    Show to see jimmy forture perform in kentucky.

    You see i resently found a cd of jimmy fortune at a thife store and i have been able to stop listening to it the one song “The far side banks of jordan”

    I Just wanted take this little time to Thank GOD for a singer like jimmy fortune, So Thank you GOD.

  8. Brenda Francis says:

    How much is 2023 country music cruise

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