Jimmy’s new CD Sings the Classics available now

15 Comments to Jimmy’s new CD Sings the Classics available now

  1. shelby waller says:

    Wonderful singing..enjoyed so much.

  2. Kelly says:

    Blessed to have received this CD for a review. I’d have purchased it in a heartbeat. This should be an essential part of anyone’s classics music collection. Country Blessings!~Kelly aka KellysCountry

  3. barbara says:

    why cant i hear jimmy fortune sing i believe?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Not quite sure what you mean. Are you asking why it’s not on the Classics CD? It is on two other CDs of Jimmy’s, Hits & Hymns and I Believe.

  4. Samantha Reeves says:

    My 8 year old son and I seen Jimmy sing earlier today. My husband was supposed to go with me, but he had to help his brother move hay, so he missed out. My son was very impressed with the show, as was I. He was impressed that he knew 4 of the songs and how good the fiddler could keep up with Jimmy. I was impressed at how personal Jimmy was about GOD, his family and with the audience. My husband and I both served our country and it really touched my heart when he took a moment to thank all the veterans. THANK YOU for a GREAT show and THANK YOU for showing my son that it doesn’t matter how “BIG” or “RICH” you are, you still should put GOD first and give thanks to everyone who served our beautiful country.

  5. Chris says:

    Jimmy Fortune is the greatest.Love his musice.Could listen all day to it.Glad i still have my hearing.in my 80’s!!!!!Chris

  6. Reba carlton says:

    We have tickets for the show 10/15/17. Would so LOVE to hear jimmy sing, When A Man Loves a Woman. We are driving there from Orlando, Fl. So excite!!!!!!

  7. Bob Burt says:

    Nina — my wife and I saw Jimmy in Arlington, tx in April. The show was great!! Who is the new fiddle player with Jimmy? We can not remember her name.

  8. How can someone who listened in to the two programs october something , purchase by jimmy fortune the cd costing $29 plus tax ,
    I can’t find anything coasting that much so I know I. m getting the right thing.
    Its a pure headache just trying to buy anything from that website !

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m not sure which website you are speaking of. Jimmy’s website only charges $6.50 for priority shipping. Are you speaking of the Midnite Jamboree program Jimmy was on 10-21-17? I’m not sure how much their shipping is.

  9. you erased my comment and I an’t repeating it !

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