Jimmy to be on a NEW episode of Larry’s Country Diner

Jimmy will be on a NEW episode of Larry’s Country Diner airing on the RFD channel
Feb 25th 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central and again
Feb 27th at 11pm Eastern / 10pm Central

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  1. Darlene Carter says:

    Was at the Grand Ole Opry in Sept.2015.My 3 kids took me for my 69th birthday.Had a great time.Went to the midnight jamboree at the E.T.record shop and saw the one and only Mr. Jimmie Fortune.Got to give him a hug,talk to him a bit and got a signed CD. His show was just wonderful.Although I enjoyed the Opry,his show was the highlight of the night.Thanks Jimmie for a great birthday.

  2. Glenn Travis says:

    I received my new CD and DVD about a month ago , and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it. .I watched the DVD this past Sun. afternoon and it is in the same category as the CD. This man is such a talent and an asset to the WORLD MUSIC COMMUNITY. Thanks for sharing your God given talent with us [that have no music ability]. Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to the next CD or personal event that I can get to.I keep watching for a N E Fl. date.

  3. Doris Rodgers says:

    Can you tell me if Jimmy will be singing “The Far Side Banks Of Jordan” on May 3ed show of Larry’s Country Diner,we are driving from Houston to see him sing (that song) thank you.

  4. Glenn Travis says:

    Saw Jimmy and the gang on Larry’s Country Diner and LOVE,love,love the music. I am ordering the new album and DVD today and can’t wait to get it.

  5. Stan Gray says:

    Saw the Show and it was great. What are the names of the musicians who appeared with Jimmy Fortune.

  6. debbie carlisle says:

    ALWAYS watch anything that Jimmy Fortune is going to be on and NEVER been disappointed, I saw him on Larrys Country Diner and even watched it on both East and West coast, twice .My husband and I have been fans of Jimmy since the 1980’s,love his songs, his music, and his testimony, God Bless you

  7. Sharon White says:

    Looking for CDs and address for Werisdale,Fl address for when you are going to be there.Thank you.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      CDs are listed under the “shop” page. If you go to the “tour” page you will see Weirsdale listed and there will be a website linked that should have all the information you want to know.

  8. Wanda Sawyer says:

    We just watched the episode of Larry’s Country Diner with Jimmy Fortune. We are trying to find the Gospel Cd that was talked about on the show. Where can we buy it? Thanks

  9. JAMES says:

    Larry’s Country Diner is one of my favorite shows. I love the laid back attitude and all of the people that are on the show and what Larry has done for Country Music along with the Family Reunion. Jimmy: Your vocals is some of the best I have heard along with all the other talent you play with. I play Bass Guitar in a local Country and Dance Band here in Abilene TX. It is a great joy to be able to entertain and have a good time while your there. Again thanks for the great music. P.S. I just ordered your new Album, cannot wait until it arrives. THANKS R. Fellow musician!

  10. Ken says:

    An enjoyable show with your fine music and vocals. Who were the other musicians with you?

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