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Jimmy will be the guest on the Huckabee Show this Saturday (5/23/20) at 8/7 c and again Sunday (5/24/20) at 9/8c on TBN. You can also watch it this Saturday at the same time on Facebook @HuckabeeOnTBN or you can also download the TBN app and watch live. The show re-airs on Newsmax Monday at 10pmET.

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  1. Bonnye Dean says:

    Is there a way that I can get a video copy of Jimmy singing “Till I Gain Control Again”? Love that song, and mostly whatever he does.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      That song is on the “When One Door Closes” CD but not on a DVD. Jimmy did sang it one day on his Jimmy Jams. You can click the top right button and save it to your favorites.

  2. Shirley Ferry says:

    Caught the Huckabee show on Sat night Great song. Sent a note to TBN trying to find some one to contact you.
    I would like to have a T Shirt that looks lie the cover of Meet me at Arlington. With license’s and patens I doubt if I could just get one made but perhaps this idea would work if you or someone would just consider it. Perhaps you could find some one to take on a T Shirt project printed with the Meet me at Arlington and give all the proceeds to two organizations for the Veterans, that was on the same Huckabee on Sat. May 23,2020

    I am just a blood bought CHRISTIAN and a Blood bought AMERICAN!!!!

    I think this would be a great tribute from you to them.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Getting rights for anything Arlington is tricky but that’s a great idea. We do have shirts with the cover of the CD on it but it doesn’t say anything about Arlington on it.

  3. Diana Dahl says:

    Jimmy, I just watched Huckabee and what a fantastic song “Meet Me At Arlington”.
    WOW, Thank you so much for writing and performing this song. PRAISE GOD!!!

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