Billboard and other reviews on Hits & Hymns CD

Chuck Dauphin with Billboard recently spoke with Jimmy. Link to read his article

Another great article written by Chuck Yarborough here


6 Comments to Billboard and other reviews on Hits & Hymns CD

  1. Marjorie Oberle says:

    You have one of the best backup singers I have ever heard and I’m talking about Syndi Perry and one of the best fiddle player I have ever heard. She is just so, so talented.

  2. william t says:

    nina tell jimmy GREAT show in branson can’t wait till we can see you guys again, I am the guy that asked you about coffee mugs, you said you would check for me

  3. Elizabeth Miles says:

    I love this dvd, Jimmy fortune is such a talent. I’ve listen to country music all my life, and followed Statlers, but the country now isn’t for me. I was so glad when I discovered Family Reunion on Rfd and Jimmy Fortune is on it.

  4. nancy hendrick says:

    my friend is looking for the song that she heard “Jimmy” sing “I’ll be waiting on the far side of Jordan” Can we buy it nearby? I live in Michigan. thanks for your help

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