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  1. Michael Stephens says:

    I am not very old but I grew up listening to the statlers with my dad and uncle. They have been and still are my favorites of all time. When they retired I thought my chances to hear them were over. Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Jimmy Fortune sing in Lubbock. It was so amazing to hear him sing as I did not think I would ever get to hear one of my favorites sing in person. His passion for music and his faith in God are truly inspirational. His voice is still As amazing as it was in the beginning. Thank you for coming here last night and for taking time to talk to your fans. I was one of the last in line and Jimmy still had a smile on his face when he greeted me. God bless you.

  2. Daniel Kinney says:

    Hi Jimmy, do you sell autographed pictures? My Grandson Caden is 6 and loves your music. I sure would like to get him one. Thank You, Dan.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Yes, you can get them at the shows and in the website. If you order there is a place for you to put notes, like if you want it personalized.

  3. Rev. Mike Harrington says:

    We just moved to Waynesboro where I serve as a Pastor in a area called Lyndhurst. Boy were we blessed to find out how much our folks loved Jimmy around here (just like we always have) We drive on “Lew Dewitt” blvd. just about every day, and we are sure loving how much the Statlers are loved and respected here. Hope to see Jimmy in December in Weyers Cave. his is simply the best voice we’ve ever loved…. THanks for all the awesome music Jimmy & Nina

  4. bill says:

    jimmy is great we have seen him several time and hope to see him several more

  5. Pamela Johnson says:

    We have seen Jimmy in I Prairie du Sac Wisconsin ever time that he was there we were so sad to fined out that he wasn’t going to be here this year his show was so awesome sure wish he could come back what a blessing it was to be there at the show God Bless all of you hope to see him in Wisconsin next year.

  6. william turnbow says:

    do you know when tickets will go on sell for the Branson show at the mansion theatre

  7. Nick Butler says:

    Any thoughts on visiting the UK especially Liverpool?
    Bit of a country following up here plus it would be great to see Jimmy.
    All the best to you Jimmy and the family.

    Nick Butler

    • Nina Fortune says:

      We don’t have any plans as of now but would love to one day.

      • Deborah Knisely says:

        I have loved Mr. Fortune for so many years. When I found that he had made to records I bought them knowinging that I had only enough money for a loaf of bread it didn’t stop me from buying it. I’m not trying trying to get sympathy, I always have said before I pass to go with the Lord I want nothing to hear first is his own gospel record. Mr. Fortune makes me feel things will be ok, my life hasn’t changed more than when my daddy died a yearand a half ago and after she took all my inheritance. I have nothing but God. I know that he will get me through the trial but I must say Jimmy Fortune makes it a lot more easier to bare.
        I just wanted to ask for your family to pray for me. Let anyone know who may read this that God will provide serve him and he will make it better.
        On the DVD The old rugged cross. They can find Jimmy Fortune singing On the other side of the cross.
        For love in Christ

  8. Vicki says:

    Sure miss seeing Jimmy in Arizona. We use to go see him at the Mining Camp Restaurant each February before it burned down, he put on such a great show. Please come back to Arizona.

  9. Eva Hamilton says:

    We saw Jimmy & T.Graham Brown tonight at Renfro Valley-(KY).We see a lot of shows-but this show will definitely go down as one of the best ever.The show went from 8-11.It was truly Amazing!Eva& Walt

  10. says:

    We saw Jimmy & T.Graham Brown tonight at Renfro Valley-(KY).We see a lot of shows-but this show will definitely go down as one of the best ever.The show went from 8-11.It was truly Amazing!Eva& Walt

  11. Bill says:

    hoping to see you in Oklahoma again soon

    • Judi Rutherford says:

      Awesome show in Renfro Valley, KY. Eva loved talking to you. Thanks for being so nice to her. Her night was made when Jimmy sang Wake up little Susie but she was beyond excited when she got her picture made with him. I have loved Jimmy’s music since I was a little girl. He is truly the real deal! God bless you! Hope he gets back to East Tennessee sometime soon!

  12. Jeff Heaton. Lake city colorado says:

    Nina, Will jimmy tour this next year in the New Mexico, Colorado area in 2020? I have a venue that seats 350. Would love to have him. If possible. Btw. He and I sang back to back on the country music cruise. At the piano bar. What a blast!!! Plz. LMK.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      At this point we’re not sure but you should contact the booking agency at 615-991-4210. They can help you out.

  13. Tom Streit says:

    Hello Mrs. Fortune:

    I’m so proud to share a Virginia heritage with you folks and, of course, the entire “Statler” family. I was born and raised in
    Winchester. Now I’m an equally proud resident of South Carolina and excited to look forward Jan. 10, 2020 when my wife and I, along with four other family members will see Jimmy in concert at the Newberry Opra House. Born in the same era as the older Statlers, my concert-going days are nearly over but, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Thank you for all the sacrifices
    you and your family have made in order to share Jimmy’s wonderful talent with the world and for your devotion to sharing God’s unending love everywhere you go.

  14. Dallas Hetletved says:

    Are there any quartet shows planned with Dailey & Vincent?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      We have a few shows booked together next year but not as a quartet. One is the Strawberry Festival in Plant City FL.

  15. Lynn says:

    any chance Jimmy could play (On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan)
    at the show in Sisseton SD on Sept 29th we are driving over from northern MN for the show and would love to hear him sing it live

  16. Paul Mitchell says:

    Just wondered if Jimmy ever considered touring in the UK. He has many fans over here.

  17. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Thought I saw a Branson show date for Sept but I don’t see it on his schedule If so please give me the date so I can make the show

  18. Nina Fortune: I am very excited about going to hear Jimmy sing in Taunton Ma. June 9th. I wanted him to know that I requested the song ( On The Far Side Banks Of Jorden played at my sisters Funeral April 29th, 2019. That song made her funeral so special and it touched my heart deeply. I have his CD with that song and I am going to ask him to sign it for me if I get a chance to shake hands with him and I hope I do. God bless you both and thank you Nina for sharing your husbands gift of song with so many good Christian people. I’m sure it brought smiles to many hundred’s of people.

  19. Vikki Scull says:

    I absolutely love listening to Jimmy and was wondering if he will be coming back to The Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, Fl. during the winter months. I saw him last December and his show was amazing! I know that he will be there in May, but since I am a snowbird, I will not be in Florida at that time.
    I loved seeing both of you on The Country Music Cruise!!

  20. Jeremy Glass says:

    I hope to attend a concert if Jimmy ever makes it over to Houston, Texas. I’m only 34, but I have been a fan since the early 90s when I first found out about the Statler Brothers. Jimmy is an amazing singer and songwriter. I highly respect that work.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thank you!! I do know we will be in TX in October for several shows but most of them will be near the Dallas area.

  21. william turnbow says:

    we will see you guys in hinton ok a week from sat, my wife has sheet music ” ELIZABETH ” she wants jimmy to sign, he signed sheet music for “MORE THAN A NAME ON A WALL ” last year in branson, we love jimmys music

  22. Robert and Joan Coleman says:

    Cannot wait until Saturday night to see you and Jimmy in Lovingston. We have b een driving down from Pennsylvania each year he has done the show at the high school to raise money for the music department. We love seeing you two in York, PA too in December but this show in Lovingston is special.

  23. Greg McClure says:

    Mrs. Fortune, About 8 years ago I ordered an autographed poster from your husband, for my mother who was going thru treatment for stage 3 breast cancer at age 70. Mr. Fortune personalized the signing of the poster, for which my mother very happy to receive. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to say thank you for this. My mother, Nancy, is doing well and has recovered / and has been diagnosed as cancer free now! But I wanted to say thank you to you and your husband for taking the time to sign the poster and cd I ordered for her. Again, I wanted to thank you both. She is a huge fan. I am planning on surprising her with a short trip up to Scottsburg, IN for one of Mr. Fotune’s two shows. Thank you both so much. God Bless!

  24. C. C.Williamson and Bill Foreman says:


    We have tickets for your concert on the 23rd of March, 2019, at the Nelson County High School! Very Much looking forward to it!!

    C.C. Williamson, Williamsburg, VA and Bill Foreman, Virginia Beach, VA

    Bill saw your birthday listed in the Norfolk, VA newspaper the
    Virginia Pilot today March 11, 2019!

    Many happy returns!!

  25. bill says:

    will you guys be in branson this year

  26. william turnbow says:

    are you guys going to be in branson this year

    • Nina Fortune says:

      There are some LCD shows booked in September and we are supposed to be there on 9-26-19 for that but the contract hasn’t been signed so they actual date can change until that is signed.

  27. Betty and Larry LaPatka says:

    Any idea when your dearly beloved will be coming to East Tennessee other than the Gather Fest in May 2019? Thank You
    in advance.
    Betty and Larry LaPatka
    Parrottsville, Tennessee

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Not sure. We just found out for sure the promoter for the Pigeon Forge shows will not be using the Country Tonite Theatrr this year.

  28. Pamela Sciabica says:

    I wanted to know off Jimmy can call my mom on April 27th to wish her a Happy 80th Birthday. We go and see him in Weirsdale, Fl Strawberry Festival. She’s just loves him to pieces and that would just make her Birthday so special. Please let me know if you could make that happen. Her phone number 352-584-6824. My name isn’t Pam my phone # 352-238-0026. Thank you so much.❤️😍🙏😇


    2nd request Do you have any Branson dates yet

  30. Jackie says:

    I was wondering if Jimmy has play at Merlefest, Wilkesboro, NC. This would be an honor to have him sing there. We saw him the last 2 Novembers in Liberty, NC and have followed his career ever since he started. My Only Love was played at our Wedding in 1985 and it still make me cry. After more than 30 years of marriage this has been my go to song when I sometimes forget why I Love my hubby so. Thank you sharing Jimmy with us.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy did play there several years ago with D&V. Although I don’t have a contract yet, there has been an offer for Jimmy to play in Wilkesboro, not Merlefest, in October.

  31. Terry L. Kiser, Sr says:

    Saw Mr. Fortune tonight in Newberry, SC. I knew it would be a great show and I was not disappointed. I’ve been to many concerts from old (real) country music to Rock and Roll but tonight I saw what I will always call the best concert I have ever attended. I got a chance to speak to Mr. Fortune and get autographs and pictures and I told him, “When I was younger (before he came along) I always said if I could sing like anyone, it would be Jim Reeves. But lately, if I could sing like anyone I wanted to, it would be Jimmy Fortune or Jim Reeves.” There have been many great voices over the years in country music. But a great voice is nothing if the singer doesn’t put his or her heart into it. Jimmy Fortune does that very well. Thank you Mr. Fortune and God bless you and yours. Terry and Barbara Kiser North, SC

  32. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Do you know dates for Branson this year

  33. william says:

    looking forward to seeing you guys in hinton ok, that’s a treat for us, its close to home

  34. Mike says:

    Oh my God, still loving the concert last week in York, PA. Three hour drive from NJ, but worth every minute. Jimmy sounded incredible. The show was out of this world. He mixed some Christmas music with some new music (which was really good) , some solo music and some Statler classics. His voice is impeccable. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he blew me and my wife away. If you get a chance to see him, don’t miss the opportunity. You will not regret it. He was so down to earth. It felt like he was a lifelong friend that could have been sitting at our table. If you are lucky enough to get him touring in your area, go see him. You will not regret it. Amazing show. Can’t wait to see him again next year.

  35. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I was so sorry to receive to call that the scheduled for Branson Dec 12 & 13 had been cancelled I was so looking forward to Jimmy’s Christmas show This would have been the 3rd time I would have been able to see him First at the El Dorado Springs Picnic in July then again Oct 19 in Branson as my granddaughters birthday gift I am hoping that Jimmy will be in Branson in 2019 so we will be able to see his show again

  36. Robert and Joan Coleman says:

    Looking forward to December 1st to see you and Jimmy in York, PA. We have come to every concert you have done in York as well as each one in Lovingston, VA as well as a few others including the ones with Dailey and Vincent. We even went to one of hsi first solo outings in East Stroudasburg, PA at a church and he was wonderful as usual.

  37. Bill says:

    Hi Nina
    Loved seeing you in branson,
    I was the guy looking for the coffee mugs

  38. David VanBibber says:

    When are you coming back to Ohio? May not remember me but the Holy Spirit came on me strong while you were singing the old rugged cross. I couldn’t stop crying for hours. You hugged me and told me God had big plans for me. I bought your CD. Didn’t know your music or the song. But the next morning while listing to the song If I was God, the Holy Spirit let me understand what Jesus went through and what really happened for us on the cross. And he has been using me since. Would love to see you again.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      That’s wonderful! Thank you for letting us know.
      Not sure when we will be back up to Ohio, hopefully sometime in 2019.

  39. Debra McCusker says:

    My fella and I just saw Jimmy and his band at the Wayne County Fairground on October 13, 2018. What a wonderful show! We are touched that Jimmy and the gang would offer up their talents in such an intimate venue and for such a good cause, the KW Methodist Children’s Home.

    We are already preparing to purchase tickets for the December show in Liberty, NC.

  40. Candy says:

    will there be any shows in Texas near fort worth?

    • Nina Fortune says:

      We played Arlington, Weatherford, and Corsicana this past April. We are making plans to come back sometime next year.

  41. Kathi says:

    We last saw Jimmy at a benefit in Hopkins, MN a few years ago. Is he planning to come to southern Minnesota any time soon?

  42. Debbie Holt says:

    Hello, would someone be able to tell me how I can find out more information on the performance on December 3 2018 at Antioch Church of the Brethren in Woodstock VA? I’ve looked on the church website and did not see any details on how I might be able to attend the event with my husband. Thanks again!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      The telephone number listed on the website for this date is 540-325-1660.

      • Deborah Holt says:

        Nina, thank you very much! I’ll give them a call. We really enjoyed the performance in Radford, Virginia on Fourth of July. Many blessings to you and your family for sharing Christ through your music.

  43. Bill Turnbow says:

    I heard Jimmy was writing a book is that true and if it is is he finished with it and where can I get it

    • Nina Fortune says:

      It is true but not sure when it will be out. Please sign up for the emails and you will get a notification when it’s completed.

  44. Georgette Couvall says:

    Former Statler Brother, Jimmy Fortune will be in concert in Wisconsin on Saturday, 9/29. Here is the information:

  45. Libby Zwilling says:

    Jimmy used to play in Fountain Hills and Apache Junction. Since the Mining Camp Restaurant burned down, will Jimmy be coming back to Arizona? I’d love to see him in Prescott, AZ

  46. Barbara Emert says:

    I had the opportunity to see Jimmy at the North Georgia fair recently. It was just the most fantastic experience. I was a Statler fan and enjoyed him with them, but as a solo act you learn more about him as a person – truly outstanding. Much appreciation for a great time!

  47. Danny Murphy says:

    Would love to see Jimmy come back through Northeast Iowa. He played in Oelwein five or so years ago, but please come back to this area, we want to finally get to see you we did not get to last time.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy will be in Spencer IA in September opening for The Oak Ridge Boys. It would be great to come back to Oelwein again. Maybe we can check for next year.

  48. Brenda Anderson says:

    Nina, met you and Jimmy again at Hiwassee fair in North Ga. July 28, 2018! I’d written you a note! I brought my husband Donnie, up to meet you after show, people had thinned out, and You were packing up! Jimmy was talking to friends, we got home the following Monday evening we have about 7 to 8 hour drive, it was so worth it, but unfortunately, Donnie suffered a stroke Monday night or early Tuesday morning, as of now, he can’t use his left hand or walk alone, please put him on your an Jimmy’s prayer list, I know The spirit of God was in the the when he sang “I Believe” it’s one of our favorite songs! Please come back to Douglas, Ga, don’t wait till blueberries come!

  49. Butch Suor says:

    The last time we saw Jimmy was at Music Ranch Montana and we had to drive 6 hrs. to Livingston. We took a picture with my wife and Jimmy but for some reason it didn’t work. We are wondering if Jimmy has any plans to possibly come out Idaho way. We live in Stites, ID which is about 80 miles east of Lewiston. Least I can say I live 80 miles from the nearest stop light. We love you guys and what you do and I just thought I’d ask. Thank you and may GOD bless you both.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      For some reason we don’t get out your way often, although it’s extremely beautiful. We have been to Livingston every other year so hopefully we will be there next year.

  50. Laura says:

    We love to listen to Jimmy. We just moved my father into a nursing home and his music is helping with the transition of leaving his home. Jimmy’s music is a real testament of faith.
    We would love to see him. I noticed you will be coming to Spencer, Iowa in 2018 for a performance. We have had several quartet groups perform in our church, such as the Collinsworth Family. Would you ever consider stopping by and witness at one of our Sunday or evening service while you were in the area? We live in a beautiful town of about 7,000 about 40 miles from Spencer, Iowa. We have a beautiful church with outstanding sound system. I know it is not on the tour schedule, but hospitality in Iowa is great and we love gospel music. We would love to make it happen for you while you are out the direction any way. We would be so blessed. Willing to hear if you are interested or talk details. Thank-You! With God all things are possible!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Normally our booking agent would handle this but I can say that when we book a show they do not allow Jimmy to perform, usually within 150 miles, within months of a show. We will also be driving in Monday for the show on Monday night.

  51. Juli says:

    Will Ryan Joseph be joining Jimmy on any of these tour dates?

  52. Peggy Johnson says:

    Hi Nina,
    My sister and I saw Jimmy in Knoxville, IA June 1st and he was fantastic. In checking his tour schedule, it shows that he will be at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, IL on Sept. 28. That is only about 25 miles from my house and we would love to see him again. In trying to book tickets, there is nothing on their schedule for a show on Sept 28. Please advise. Thanks

  53. Brad daffron says:

    Jimmy Fortune is the most down to earth entertainer i have ever had the pleasure of meeting! My wife, 6 year old daughter and myself were stopped at taco bell/KFC in Benton illinois, I thought I recognized the man walking out, sure enough, it was Jimmy! I went out to see, he was getting in his vehicle, and he could have told me to leave, but, did the very opposite, he spent about 10 minutes talking, put my daughter on his knee, and even autographed a c.d. Copy for us, which is proudly displayed in our living room! A man of international stardom takes time out for an average family, he has class, and a huge family, and is down to earth as ever! Jimmy is a true gentleman and I’m so glad God saw fit to bless this man with fame, fortune, but most of all kindness and humility! It was great to meet you Jimmy, friends and fans for life, the Daffron’s, DuQuoin il

  54. EDNA HUGHES says:

    I saw Jimmy in Douglas, GA on June 8th, had an awesome night. Jimmy and his entire staff are some of the kindest people I have ever met. I was ushered to the table by one of his staff where Jimmy came around to have a picture taken with me. I was given an autographed photo, paid for by the staff member who so sweetly helped me back to a seat. Thank you, I’m sorry I did not get your name but you know who you are. I will see you all again if you are ever close enough for me to get there. God bless you all!!!

  55. Nathan says:

    I saw Jimmy last night in Knoxville. What a show, and what a talent! I saw him previously as a child in 1982, and again in the Wisconsin Dells on the 4th-to-last Statler show. He never disappoints. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to get to my next show.

  56. Graeme Foord says:

    I have two things to ask. Firstly: I have been a huge fan of Jimmy’s for years but i have never seen him live. Can you tell me if there is any likelihood of Jimmy coming to play in Scotland or UK?

    Lastly: Is there anywhere I could purchase a copy of “Far Side Banks of Jordan” as a backing track (minus the vocal). The version on the Hits and Hymns DVD is superb. It would be fantastic to be able to do it in church.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Thanks for writing! Although we would love to come to the UK we don’t have any plans of it right now.
      The label for Hits and Hymns has not released any tracks of the CD.

  57. Sean Verhoeff says:

    Nina, will Jimmy have any shows in the fort Campbell area any time soon.

  58. Donna Massie says:

    Hi Nina,

    We travel to Nashville every year during CMA Fest, and would love to see Jimmy during that time. Will he be performing anywhere this year?

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