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  1. Bill says:

    Sorry about spelling, spell ck

  2. Bill says:

    My wife and I love the starlet and of course Jimmy is amazing we have been to see him a few times and plan going to see him again in branso n I’m October, what would it take to get him to sing Don Reid’s son the other side of the cross

  3. Lorraine Boyden says:

    Nina, Is Jimmy do a cruise with Deb Dodd in 2019. I enjoy Deb’s cruise more than Country Music cruise. I talked to Jimmy on the last cruise. I loved it. Because I live in New England I can’t see you guys except on the cruise.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Not in 2019. As you know we are booked on the other in 2019 so we will have to skip a year. I figured people didn’t want to do Alaska again since we did it two years in a row.

  4. Robert Coleman says:

    Hi Nina. Looking forward to seeing you and Jimmy in Lovingston and then we will be coming back down to see the show in Dulbin a couple weeks later. Lots of time on Route 81 but so worth it to see the singer Joan and I think is the best tenor voice of today.

  5. Logan says:

    Is jimmy coming near Boonville Indiana soon

  6. Jacquelyn Meyer says:

    Jimmy, We enjoyed your concert today at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida. Oh – your voice is so wonderful. If you would have had another show tonight – we would have been there!!!
    Thank you for being you – for sharing your faith – for uplifting us and singing your heart out.

    P.S. We are Iowans who have seem you too many times to count – on your own and with the Statlers.

  7. Georgette Couvall says:

    Hi Nina. I just heard today that Jimmy will be doing another benefit concert for the World Craniofacial Foundation ( in Wisconsin in September.

    If yes, can you let me know the date, place etc. about this event? Thank you so much!

  8. Rooster Simpson says:

    I hope Jimmy makes it up to my area by St Louis,MO.,or even near Alton,Illinois.I see he is doing Branson,but wish it would be close up here. If the Lord’s willing, maybe 2019 ?
    I also caught the tale-end of Jimmy and Ben Isaacs,in the Studio with Eddie Stubbs,on the airwaves of WSM 650 am Radio. Cool.God annointed.

  9. Lynn says:

    Any plans on coming to Minnesota or North Dakota in the future we would really love to see Jimmy in person he has a way to make the music come alive

  10. Sean Verhoeff says:

    When will Jimmy have a show near Fort Campbell KY.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy plays in Benton KY every year which is close. This year is supposed to be on 8-25-18.

      • Sean Verhoeff says:

        I completely forgot about this comment my apologies. I will be in a feild training for the army in Louisiana at that time. Unfortunately i will not be able to make it

  11. Angelia Smith-Johnson says:

    Really enjoyed your performance at Harding University in Searcy, AR tonight. It was wonderful. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hug. My husband told you about me being just told I am in remission from Stage IV Lung Cancer. When you heard that you asked if you could give me a hug. That really made my night. I still am taking chemotherapy every 3 weeks but with God being in control I can beat this. I really appreciate it and all you do. God Bless and prayers for safe travels.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for your compliments on the show. I will pray the the chemo keeps you in remission.

  12. Mary Sorden says:

    Just watched you on the Daily & Vincent show. You are awesome!!

  13. Mary Sorden says:

    Sure would love for you to come out West. There’s no one like Jimmy. Love his music..

  14. Bob says:

    When will you be coming back to New Jersey?

  15. Robert Coleman says:

    Yet another great concert in York, PA. The attendees are truly blessed to be able to his Jimmy’s fantastic voice and get me talk to him one on one from time to time. I still remember you you two had the show in Ocean City at Christmas time and my wife and I would stand ant talk to you two prior to the show in the lobby of that nice little theater. We will again be in Lovingston this year and coming down again to see Jimmy with Vincent and Dailey. We can never get enough of seeing Jimmy. Sorry we did not get a chance to say hi to you Nina in York, PA.

  16. Carol & Len Titus says:

    Dear Nina and Jimmy ~ Len & I were so blessed to spend my birthday, Feb. 24 a couple of years ago with you at the Lost Dutchman. We prebought tickets to see you this past 24th, but tragically lost our son on the 7th of Feb. and were naturally unable to attend. So this coming Feb., 2018 had once again planned to see you in Apache J. but are sad to hear of the loss of the historic Dutchman restaurant. We shall hold tight to our tickets in hope that we will once again be blessed to see you somewhere “down yonder”. When we need solace we listen to Banks of Jordan. It reassures us we will see our son again. Hugs & blessings to you and your crew.
    Carol & Len Titus

    • Nina Fortune says:

      I’m so sorry about your son. The Mingin Camp in Apache Junction will be rebuilding so hopefully we will be back one year and will see you then. Have a great Christmas.

      • Len & Carol Titus says:

        Nina &Jimmy…thank you for your kind words. It has been the kind words, thoughts and prayers from folks such as yourselves, that have carried us thus far along our very sad journey.
        Carol & Len

  17. Tammie Conaway says:

    I really love hearing Jimmy sing.. You can really feel the spirt upon him when he sings.
    Was wondering if he would ever consider coming to Jacksonville Florida, better yet Middleburg just outside of Jacksonvilee.

  18. Robert Maciejewski says:

    I saw Jimmy at Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, a few weeks ago. His show, and those of his sidekicks, was outstanding. I couldn’t stick around to meet him afterward, but he sure took to the audience well. I will go see him anywhere within reason again. An exceptional man!

  19. John McCaffree says:

    I just recently learned of the news that The Mining Camp restaurant in Apache Junction Arizona suffered a devastating fire on July 25th, 2017 and is beyond repair. We really enjoy seeing Jimmy and his friends at the Mining Camp and have for the last several years. We are wondering if he will be performing at some other place in the Phoenix area this winter as we do not want to miss a chance to see him again. I realize he does not ask to perform but accepts invitations. Please, any information you can impart will be appreciated and we hope something will work out so we may see him perform again in Arizona! Thank You and God Bless Jimmy and his entire family

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Not sure what will happen. They will be rebuilding but don’t know if it will be done in time for Jimmy’s scheduled shows in Feb. They may consider another option, that’s why the shows are still listed on the website schedule. As soon as we know something for sure will will send out emails if you are on the newsletter list.

      • John McCaffree says:

        Yes, I am on your e-mail list and will await your update. Thank you for your reply and any news is appreciated.

  20. Gary B says:

    Is there any chance that Jimmy will appear with Dailey and Vincent for the show next spring in Dublin, VA? We were at the last one they did together there, and I have never seen a more entertaining and inspiring show.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Yes, the show is listed on the tour page for April of 2018.

      • Gary B says:

        Sorry, didn’t notice you had to click at the bottom to see all the dates. Very glad to see that Jimmy will be appearing with D & V once again. Will be looking forward to another great show. Thank you, Nina and Jimmy!

  21. Chris Cole says:

    Hope everything is going great for you guys as my mom and stepfather (front row) plan on attending tonight’s performance Jimmy is doing at the Halifax County Fair. They both enjoy Jimmy’s performances and very much and are looking forward to tonight’s performance.

  22. Belinda Grier says:

    Hi Nina will Jimmy be going back to Shipshawanna in 2018

  23. Jack Moody says:

    Hi Nina, Does Jimmy ever do Gospel music only performances? Thank you for your time…God Bless

  24. Roger Frear says:

    Hi there can you please tell me if jimmy has any
    plans to tour New Zealand

  25. Darlene Campbell says:

    I was at the last three shows Jimmy that you did in Lewisburg, WV. Last night was greatest yet. Going to start traveling to shows. Once a year is not enough. You deserve all the accolades YOUR FANS can give you. I have you in the center of my WALL OF FAME MUSIC ROOM. Your tribute to our wonderful servicemen and women gets me every time. You are truly a great man. My favorites are MY ONLY LOVE, I BELIEVE, and of course A NAME ON A WALL. I cry everytime I hear those. Your writing is so heartfelt and genuine. HOW GREAT THOU ART had me standing and crying till I could walk away. Got the new cd. Love it. Played it on the way home. Keep it up Jimmy and you will be on everyone’s list of greats. The rest of the group was fabulous also. Mr FIDDLE PLAYER was exceptional. Keepers, Jimmy, keepers. Thank you a wonderful evening. See you next time. Nina-you are great!

  26. Adam says:

    I’ve heard that Mr. Fortune is coming to Searcy AR, in 2018. Is this true?

  27. Lynn says:

    yes let get him to Minnesota

  28. Pat says:

    Would love to see Jimmy here in Minnesota. Any future plans for getting up this way? Thanks.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      We love coming up there but don’t have anything on the schedule right now. We are still booking 2018 though so maybe!!

  29. Elizabeth Branche says:

    Is the concert in Mcleansboro,Il on the 9th of September at a inside venue and how much are tickets? Thank You.Elizabeth Annette MAYS Branche.

  30. Eddie says:

    Correction – Grande Ole Opry – Radio Station ID is 650 AM WSM – sorry for the confusion.

  31. Eddie says:

    Jimmy will be on Grande Ole Opry on July 14th. You can listen to it online 610 WSM radio. Check the Opry website for the approximate time of Jimmy’s performance. The Opry show starts at 7PM CDT or 8PM EDT. I’m not sure of the times for the MDT or PDT zones. You might want to check out the WSM site – I think you may have to register if it’s your first time.

  32. Cathy Hyde says:

    Nina, good Sunday afternoon to you. I saw Jimmy talking with Bill Gaither on the Gaither channel about Mrs. Grills. The lady that helped Jimmy’s grandfather raise Jimmy’s mother and uncle after his grandmother passed away. Jimmy said that he has been trying to find Mrs. Grills. I was curious to know if Jimmy has been able to locate her or find out about her. It was such a sweet story of and she was such a Blessing that the Lord sent.

  33. John & Becky Tillman says:

    Jimmy is a very deep hearted artist. We hope see him in South Carolina.

  34. Georgette Couvall says:

    Jimmy Fortune will be in concert
    in Wisconsin in September. Here
    is the information:

  35. Peggy Kidd says:

    Date & cost of Jimmy Fortune Concert in March 2018 at Nelson County High School, Lovingston, VA

    • Nina Fortune says:

      The date is 3-24-18. The school sells the tickets and I don’t think they have them on sale yet. They will set up a website to sell the tickets.

  36. Virginia Navarrete says:

    Does Jimmy ever come to Texas? Dallas/Ft.Worth, Midland, TX… I’ve always loved the Statler Brothers, and he just made them that much more special. Thank you! God’s many blessings to you all!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      He was just in Arlington and Corsicana on April 8th and 9th. I’m sure he will be back next year.

  37. Dennis Campbell says:

    Rocky Mount, Virginia. Great lyrics, perfectly matched to the music, flawlessly performed. No wonder your songs touch so many people. Thank you for your kind words about my mother, Helen. Praying for Nina and her friend.

  38. Marilyn Embrey says:

    What another fantastic show at Nelson County High School-VA on Saturday evening. Jimmy is so blessed with a gift of a voice that he shares & inspires all who hear & enjoy. We are so proud of our hometown star & may God continue to bless your career and your family.

  39. Dallas Hetletved says:

    Any plans to do another quartet concert with Dailey & Vincent. We have been to two of them – Greeneville TN & Wilkesboro NC. They were incredible shows!

    • Robert Coleman says:

      They also did one in Dublin, VA and it was wonderful and yes I agree they need to do more of these showns

  40. Pat Smith says:

    Hi Nina & Jimmy –
    We talked to you both after Jimmy’s concert at the Mining Camp in Apache Junction AZ a few weeks ago. You gave us a brochure on the Alaska cruise and it convinced us to stop putting-off a trip to Alaska we’ve planned to do someday. So “someday” is this July – we’re coming along! Any tips regarding “formal nights” on the ship? In AZ & WV we define formal a little differently than most.
    Do you think Jimmy might sing “The Great Pretender” for my husband Brian as a way of thanking him for saying YES to the Alaska adventure? Thanks for continuing to bring great music and good Christian values into people’s lives.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Hey there!! Formal nights can be anything from the best dress you can find to something you would wear to church. You will see it all. We’re so glad you are going. If you have other questions email me at or Deb Dodd. Please remind me of the song request when we get on the ship.

  41. Jeff Leake says:

    Me and my wife just purchased our tickets for the upcoming orange blossom Opry show in June! Thanks for continuing to come back to this fantastic venue. Looking so forward to seeing another wonderful show!

  42. Carol Graybeal says:

    I just learned of Jimmy a few months ago when a close friend introduced me to his song, “My Only Love”. I fell in love with his music and great voice. I checked his website and lo and behold he appeared at Happy Trails, in
    Surprise, Arizona. I didn’t even like country music, I so enjoyed him and his different types. Hope he will back in
    Arizona soon. He is truly an awesome performer and person.

  43. Ron Boyd says:

    My wife and i was at the miners camp in Apache Junction,Arizona on Saturday night for his dinner show.He can still hit those notes we really enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait until next year to see him again.

  44. Christine says:

    Hurry back to Newberry. My husband and I nagged the Opera House folks to ask you to come. And I am so glad we did. Because you came! The concert was fantastic!

  45. Ann marie says:

    Ireland loves Jimmy fortune 🙂
    My mum and I are huge fans

  46. luckyoldsun says:

    When’s the last time Jimmy performed in New York City?
    Any chance he’ll be here–or Long Island, Westchester, NJ, or CT? I know it’s expensive to come to NYC, but maybe on a multi-artist production?

  47. Gary Boothe says:

    I saw Jimmy with Dailey and Vincent 2 years ago in Dublin, VA. It was one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen. When I saw Dailey and Vincent last year there, they said they were planning on doing shows with Jimmy again in 2017, including Dublin. I have checked the schedules and do not see Jimmy appearing with them at their scheduled appearance in April. Any chance this might still happen. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

  48. Jearl Dillon says:

    Thanks for all the hard work and dedication

  49. Mike Mast says:

    I will be attending the 2:00 show on New Year’s Eve at shipshewana in. Could jimmy please Sing “I Believe”? It is a wonderful song!

  50. Robert Dodson says:

    Will Jimmy be coming back to Scottsburg IN in 2017?

  51. Bill Adams says:

    I saw Jimmy at a show he did for a veterans organization last November in Columbia SC. What a fantastic show that was and as a bonus, I got to spend some time with him over a two day period. I’ll never forget that wonderful experience. I already have tickets for his upcoming show January 15 in Newberry, SC. Several people I know in Columbia are driving up for it. Can’t wait!

  52. Last time I saw Jimmy was so wonderful. He was here in Nashville doing the midnight jamboree. I sat diagonal second row for a time because front and center seats said reserved. Well about 2 songs into the show, I realized no one was sitting there. I had just gotten my new Jimmy shirt and wearing my custom made Statler jacket, and I decided I was moving to the from row, because you could tell who the true Fortune fanatic was in this audience. I got up and in my attempt to be inconspicuous, I dropped everything I was carrying and tripped and fell on the way to the front row. Well, the show was awesome as always, and I said hi to Jimmy after the show, It was so awesome that he remembered me from last time. I guess it was because, the exact same thing happed to me when I met Jimmy at the country music hall of fame, where Jimmy said he would from then on be referred to as Jimmy the hall of fame and fortune, and of course rightfully so. Jimmy is such a special guy and he means the world to me. It means everything to me that he carries on the Statler legacy still. Jimmy is da man!

  53. Dallas Hetletved says:

    Any plans for Jimmy to do a quartet concert with Dailey & Vincent like the one in Wilkesboro, NC last spring?

  54. Linda Dunnivan says:

    Jimmy is an amazing singer and song writer, really enjoyed his show at Denton, NC this past Sat.night. When he sings “I Believe” I feel the joy of our Lord in my soul.

  55. Eddie says:

    If you’re in Nashville, TN on 9/29/16, Jimmy will be appearing on the Opry Country Classics Show at the Ryman. The show is at 7PM CST. If you’re in another part of the country, the “Classics” shows are on WSM Online. The shows are broadcast live (7PM CST, 8PM EST,and you can check for the other time zones in case of time delays. If you’ve never listened to WSM, you will have to do a quick member sign-up (no cost), so you might want to get an early start on that.

  56. David Ransom says:

    Will Jimmy be doing another Alaska cruise?

  57. Dan Knowlton says:

    Saw the show last night in our little town of Paden City, WV. As usual it was just electrifying. Once again, I have heard so many good things about the show. This was the 3rd year in a row that Jimmy appeared at our little Labor Day Celebration. Wish “youins” could be here every year as the main entertainment. The young couple that was singing backup and playing instruments were also fantastic. Thanks for putting on a fabulous show once again. The Veterans salute is wonderful. Someday, I shall listen to “The Wall” and not be sobbing through it. I lied, ’cause that will never happen.

    • Eddie says:

      Darin and Brooke Aldridge are the young couple that have done back up vocals for Jimmy. My brother and I saw them with Jimmy in New Holland, PA in June. We both agreed how great their harmonies were throughout the show with Jimmy. He also had them do a few songs of their own. If you google their names, you’ll see a photo of them with Jimmy.

  58. Several of my family and Is enjoyed Jimmy’s show at the WV State fair last year and again this year.Sure hope he comes back next year.Not only is he a fantastic singer ,but I love that he shows that God is such a great part of his life.I also love his super kindness to all his fans.

  59. Vanessa Smith says:

    I really enjoyed seeing Jimmy play at the WV state fair for the past 2 years. Hoping to see him there again next year. I think he shoud be on main stage! I also enjoy the musicians he brings with him. Great of him to showcase other talented musicians Love the singer that he had with him singing the high harmonies! Hope it is ok if i share some pictures that i took at his show on Facebook to let people know that if they see he is going to be playing in their area they ought to go see him!

  60. Lorraine Boyden says:

    I talked to Jimmy in New Holland PA. Could you do cheaper cruise? Also could you guys come to New England. I love to hear and see Jimmy sing. In New Holland it was great to see him have so much fun singing. I miss seeing you too.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      The Alaskan one is always a little higher and the one we are doing in January of next year is already sold out. Not sure which one will do in 2018 yet.

  61. Joe Clark says:

    Miss Nina

    We spoke by phone
    Any chance of Jimmy coming back to Wisconsin?
    Caught him in Prairie during sacrifice and it was phenomenal!

  62. Hi Nina. I’m Georgette Couvall and I’m one of Dr. Kenneth E. Salyer’s ( patients. I met Jimmy at the River Arts Center in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin on Saturday, April 30, 2016 for the World Craniofacial Foundation 2016 Jimmy Fortune Benefit Concert.

    Will he be coming back to Wisconsin again? Or Illinois?


    • Nina Fortune says:

      We are planning on coming back to do the same show late next year.

      • Hi Nina! It’s nice to hear from you again! Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon!

        Do you know the date of this show for next year? Also, is it for the World Craniofacial Foundation ( again?

        Same place? Two shows? Same times?

        If you can let me know, that would be great!

        Again, thank you so much!

  63. Melvin Wood ( Woody) says:

    Hi Nina I am what you would call a blast from the past. Let Jimmy know I am very happy he stayed out there and kept on making music. When the Statlers retired I would have been happy to stay on the road with him as I always thought he was a special kind of artist. That night in Salem was a bitter sweet event for me.Tell him Woody says high and stay out there and never stop.

  64. Diane Preisen says:

    Saw Jimmy last night at Stages Theatre in Hopkins Mn. It was such a wonderful concert. We have loved his music for years, so to see him in person singing and later meeting him was Awesome!

  65. Gilbert Costs says:

    Hi Nina, I am from New Bedford,MA . We saw Jimmy at a church in Raynham, MA a few years back. My wife is a big Statler Brothers fan, me myself am a Beatlemaniac, no offense Jimmy lol. I am also a local musician as well. Anyway, please tell Jimmy that Jeanie Alabama says hello and hopes that you guys will get up this way again one day!!! By the way, though I am a Beatlemaniac I did enjoy Jimmys performance up here in Raynham, MA. Also, please tell Jimmy that i enjoy his music and my personal favorite is More Than A Name On A Wall. Beautiful song, wish I had wrote it lol

  66. Waren Fuller says:

    Is Jimmy going to be in York, Pa. in December? TPC Banquet Center is not showing that date.

    • Eddie says:

      The TPC date is correct (12-3-16). Try to Google “TPC (The Praise Center)and select the link for “Michaels Productions” for Jimmy’s appearance with Jeannie Seely. The link shows the 2016 shows which includes Jimmy’s.

  67. Kelly Toe says:

    We need to see you here

  68. gail sharpe says:

    is there any plans to get to seattle or a close city to that,,,we are sure you have a ton of fans who would love to see and here jimmy in concert!!!!

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Afraid not. We will be in Seattle visiting next month for a few days because we love it there so much.

  69. Waren Fuller says:

    I have to say this as I come back on. I do not know Jimmy Fortune so this is not an advertisement. H has to be one of the most puriest singers. If you watch him with the Statlers and go to You T:ube Great Pretender the statlers brothers the quality of his voice is second to no other. I mean that.

  70. Greg Chapman says:

    Nina, thanks you and Jimmy for putting up with my girls at the George Jones Museum Friday. (Sarah and Erin) Tell Jimmy Erin came home on cloud nine. She’s telling everyone how Jimmy dedicated “Elizabeth” to her. How great is it to touch the young generation like that? That’s when you know you’re the real deal Jimmy Fortune. God speed ahead. (Mike and John were great too!) P.S. Bringing some fans to Denton. Looking forward to it.

  71. Waren Fuller says:

    Traveled from Long Island to see the New Holland, Pa. show on June 4. Great show. Wish he could make it to Long Island. I am planning on going to the York, Pa. show.

  72. Eddie says:

    Saw Jimmy’s New Holland PA show on 6/4/16. He had Darin and Brooke Aldredge on back-up vocals and playing guitar and mandolins. I’ve seen a lot of Jimmy shows – but he took it to new heights with a 2 hour performance. Check the tour schedule above and go see him – super performance and best show I’ve seen.

  73. Andrew & Lana Glasco says:

    My wife and I were able to see Jimmy with Dailey and Vincent in Wilkes NC May 21st and it was a great concert. The songs that Jimmy writes are so inspirational. Nina hopefully you and Jimmy can come back soon.

  74. Eddie says:

    Jimmy will be on on Thursday, June 9th, at 3 PM (CDT).

  75. Doris Rodgers says:

    Nina, thank you so much for asking for”The far side Banks of Jodan” to be added to the play list, in Branson, meant more than I can say. Much success to both of you.Thanks again.

  76. Dot Gloyd says:

    Eddie, Hope to see you at Yoder’s on June 4th!!
    Dot & Bob

    • Eddie says:


      See my post above about the Yoder’s concert.


      • Eddie says:

        Dot, I just saw your earlier note to Riley & Maggie. FYI, Riley & Maggie had to change their plans after buying their tickets. They were kind enough to offer their tickets to me.


  77. Eddie says:

    You can catch Jimmy on Opry Country Classics on WSM Online on May 5th, Thursday,7PM CST (8PM EST).

  78. Darrin and Vicki Franke says:

    My wife and I saw your show in Prairie du Sac last Saturday. Just wanted to give you a big thank you for sharing your talents and your witness for the Lord. You did a wonderful job and we pray for continued success and blessings in your lives. Great to see you both and again, thank you!

    Darrin and Vicki

  79. Wanda says:

    Does jimmy ever come to Mississippi

  80. Jeff says:

    My wife and myself got to see Jimmy perform at the Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale FL. Thank you Jimmy and Nina for coming to Florida. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and we’re very pleased to meet the both of you. What a great venue to showcase your talent! And we appreciate you bringing Darin and Brooke Aldridge with you along with John Meyer! We are so blessed with your performance and you take the time to showcase such great up and coming talent! God Bless and we hope to see you again next year. Jeff and Jody.

  81. Pat & Madge Healy says:

    And for anyone who hasn’t ever heard Jimmy sing before, you’re missing the BEST tenor singer EVER!
    And his talent and ability for songwriting is absolutely amazing!
    You won’t be disappointed! Get to a concert of his and you’ll become a fan of his singing instantly like so many others of us!
    We love you, Jimmy! Hugs!

  82. Pat & Madge Healy says:

    Hi Nina and Jimmy!
    Pat and Madge Healy from Stafford, Virginia saying hello! 🙂
    We sure miss you both and we hope to make a concert of Jimmy’s real soon now!
    Pat is off from teaching college this summer, so perhaps we’ll be able to do so! We’re hoping!
    We’ll be saying prayers for you both in your many travels! Please say hi to Billy James for us! Big hug to you and to Jimmy and we love you both so much!

  83. Art winterfeld says:

    Just saw Jimmy in Weirsdale fl , we are avid fans and love all his music . He took his time with us , had a pic taken , he is absolutely wonderful and his songs have true inspirational meanings , hoping to see him again when we visit PA . Thank you Jimmy for such a wonderful concert. Pam and Art

  84. Jim Saunders says:

    This may sound like a silly question but my wife and I are going to the June 4 event at Yoder’s in New Holland Pa and since this is our first ever we were wondering what is appropriate dress as this is a dinner event. Thanks in advance.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      You would probably wear whatever you would wear if you were seeing Jimmy in a theater, casual.

      • Eddie says:

        My brother and I will also be going to the New Holland PA show at Yoder’s restaurant. As Nina said, dress is casual. If you look at the seating diagram, the tables use face to face seating that hold 26 seats per table. I gather the table set-up is used for dinner and show as the tables are positioned in front of the stage.

        • Dot Gloyd says:

          Yes, Eddie, you are right about the tables. Bob and I will be at Yoder’s too. Hope to get to see you!! We have been there a couple times for the Daily & Vincent show. Look forward to seeing Jimmy and, hopefully, Nina too!!

          • Eddie says:

            Hey Dot & Bob,

            Looking forward to seeing you both again. My brother, Jim, will be joining me. This is our first time at Yoder’s. We’ll be at Table 8.

  85. Robin says:

    Jimmy put on an awesome show today at The Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, FL. I still tear up when he sings Elizabeth and My Only Love. It’s been so long since we’ve seen him. Last time was in Buena Vista, VA at the Nothin Fancy Festival and my hubby felt so special cause Jimmy sang a song just for him while he was practicing, it was the Harrisonburg commercial “come on down and get yourself a car”. Hope he comes back next year we will definitely see him again.

  86. Connie Bazzle says:

    The closest city that I live near is in between Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida, the only fair that I am some what close to is Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida areas. Will Jimmy be arriving at either one of these cities?

  87. Perry and Patsy Carlisle says:

    For 8/16/2016 you have 2 shows in two different locations.

  88. Doris Rodgers says:

    Will he be singing “The Far Side Banks of Jordan” on the May 3ed show in Branson,we are driving from Housto to see him sing (that song)love that cd. Thanks

  89. Bill says:

    We al ready bought our tickets for branson 10/24/16 and 10/25/16
    But I don’t see it on the schedule

  90. Fred skeen says:

    I was at the April 3 rd show in Elkins WV. It was a GREAT show
    I tried to get my CD autographed during intermission, but I blocked for you to
    Go back stage for a break before your second half.
    Maybe when your in this area i.e. Charleston I will come and get it signed.

    It was a GREAT SHOW

    You should hire a guard to protect you from all the blue hair ladies . Lol

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Jimmy stayed and signed CDs for more than an hour after the show. Bring it next time and he’ll sign it for you. Thanks for coming!!

  91. Robin Heuver says:

    I’d love to see you in concert. I’m from Sheboygan Wisconsin

  92. gary says:

    me and my wife went to show at NCHS on the 19th, jimmy did a fantastic job as always,his music and singing really touched us, we bought a hits and hymn cd and and he autographed it for my wife, i just love the I Believe song, the students performance at the beginning of the show was great, also the musicians,and the woman singer was great , thank all of you, and the school for such a wonderful unforgetable night.

  93. Brenda L Pattengale says:

    Just wanted to let you know I got the cd I wanted. It is great. I would like one of these days to see you in concert but I am taking care of my mother in law and I just lost my husband to cancer Feb 2 2016. He was only 64. That is young.

  94. Fred Rorex says:

    I am really disappointed not to see any Texas dates. I missed out seeing The Statler Brothers and any of their shows and now I feel left out not seeing Jimmy. Please do some central Texas tours. Thanks

  95. Josie Evans says:

    Are there any plans for Jimmy to come to the West Virginia State Fair this year ?

  96. Linda Booth says:

    Listening to my iPod and heard a John Denver song right after a Jimmy Fortune song. They are both in my all time favorite top 10 singers and I was wondering if I might be so bold as to suggest maybe one of those duets like Hank Jr. did with a recording of Hank Sr.?

  97. Chuck Bradshaw says:

    I had the opportunity to see Jimmy in Phoenix, AZ on the 11th which was his birthday. We had a fabulous time. Before the show started, he indulged myself, my brother, and my two sons to sing a rendition of Happy Birthday which was totally awesome. Thank you Jimmy for sharing your talent. I look forward to our meeting again. God Bless you.

  98. Tracey says:

    Is Jimmy playing in Louisa, Va this year

  99. Puddle kuehne says:

    Are you still doing the show on December 3 2016 at the Praise Center in York Pa.? Hope to see you there.

    • Nina Fortune says:

      Yes, will get this up on the schedule soon, along with some other shows.

    • Robert Coleman says:

      I am glad it got on I had purchased my tickets months ago and asked the same question as to why it was not on the schedule

  100. Nell Shelton says:

    I would like information about the show in Monticello, AR I don>t see it on the scheduld

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