CFR’s Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting to air on RFD

Jimmy will be on Country’s Family Reunion – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting will air on RFD-TV

Friday, October 7th at 7:00pm CT/8pm ET
and re-airing
Saturday, October 8th at 11:00pm CT 12:00am ET

7 Comments to CFR’s Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting to air on RFD

  1. frank hedrick says:

    would love to have words for song jimmy sang on RFD TV.wednesday night prayer meeting. thanks frank

    • Nina Fortune says:

      On the first one Jimmy sang Rock of Ages and Victory in Jesus. The second one he sang Far Side Banks of Jordan. You can google the name and be able to find the lyrics.

  2. jrdvalencourt says:

    I have been in the hospital the past couple weeks Watching this on Channel 21 in Nashville has been such a blessing to me. I will definitely be ordering the old & new videos when I get out in about a week. That to Jimmy & all his friends, especially our First Baptist Church Hendersonville Family.

  3. Terry L.Hanson 1077 Parkway Drive West Fargo,ND 58078 says:

    I was diagnosed with MS in 1975 about 2 weeks ater my son was born.A few years ago they said that I had progressive MS because the treatment they were giving me was not working.Then in the early 2000’s I had to have 4 brain surgeries which sat me back a little more.I grew up going to bible class before I went to play any sports.At that point I WANTED to be a pastor.But things changed over the years.They now say that I am disabled so I can’t work any more so I had to quit working and just stay home.IN the winter when my wife is not home I go out and blow snow until I get tired and start to faling down.Your show is the greatest show on TV. And looking at the ladies on your show goes to show country ladies are the best looking ldies around.I HOPE THAT SOME day that I will be able to come down and watch you.
    Your Friend

  4. Joyce Croy says:

    Loved it. Just like church. Thank you.

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