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Urgent prayers for our friend

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I haven't heard much new about Kathy.  I know that she is in rehab and that she is getting speech therapy as well as some for her left arm.  I am not sure of anything else.  Because so much of the right side of her brain was removed 8 years ago at her last surgery, it is hard to predict what areas might be affected by any new tumor.  I keep hoping to see her husband, but I know that he is very busy and that all of his free time is spent with Kathy.

Will continue to pray that all good than can come to pass will.

Pam, prayers continue for her and family and friends.

Carolyn C

I have heard that Kathy is now at home.  Not sure what the situation is.  I hate to call and bother them while she is settling back in.  Thank you all for your prayers.  They are greatly appreciated.

Pam, I'll keep the prayers going.


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